Cheesy Comic Book Pick Up Lines

I came up with some of these a little over a year ago for a Facebook comment thread. I’ve added a few new ones. I have never tried these (and never will), but I’m pretty sure these will not work.

“Hey baby, let me be your guest star and you’ll have tales to astonish.”

“Hey baby, let’s team up and have an amazing adult fantasy.”

“Hey baby, let’s go back to my room and I’ll show you my giant sized man thing.”

“Hey baby, if my first appearance happens in your issue, you’ll go up in value *forever*”

“Hey baby, you’re better than fine, you’re a 10.0. Let me bag and board you and you’ll stay that way forever.”

Bad comic book dealer version: “When I get you alone, I’m going to change you from Poor to Mint with my magic marker.”

“My friend and I can give you a 2 in 1 adventure.”

“Baby, you make my ant man turn into giant man.”

“If my friend and I can spend tonight with you and your friend, we can be the all winners squad.”

“Hey baby, if you can be the brave, I’ll be the bold.”

“Together baby, we will be the worlds finest.”

And if they don’t work “Hey baby, let’s reboot this relationship. We’ll both start over being #1.”